Kiln Dried Logs Manchester

It’s the final of the Great Comic Relief Bake Off tonight and four more celebrities will fight to win the contest under the vigilant eye of Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood.

One of the contestants, Alexa Chung, admitted that she hasn’t used an oven in three years and uses her oven to keep her shoes in!

When it comes to stoves, we like to think that we know a fair bit and, unlike Alexa Chung, we love everything about ovens and use them a lot, especially the wood burning and multi-fuel variety which are perfect with our kiln dried logs.

Ok, admittedly, fire burning and multi fuel stoves are not really made to be cooked with but we must confess that a jacket potato tastes amazing after being baked in a wood burning stove!

Forget the television version, you can have a real bake off with our kiln dried logs; try wrapping up some fish, sausage rolls, or place a pot of lamb or beef stew on top of your stove for a slow, tender and tasty dinner.

Kiln Dried Logs Manchester

Picking Pearson Fuels as your only supplier of kiln dried logs is always a good choice. The logs we sell are perfect for fuelling your fires. Our seasoned logs come in net bags and are great for natural fires as they are very convenient. The kiln dried logs have a lower moisture content and catch fire easily.

And there’s no need to worry about how to get your heavy orders to your house. We will deliver and stack your kiln dried logs for you too!

So don’t deliberate, get baking off in your living room by calling Pearson Fuels for your kiln dried logs Manchester wide today!