Coal is a strange fossil fuel because it can come in many varieties, shapes, colours and even sizes. The two main types of coal include smokeless coal and house coal- and here are some key characteristics to help differentiate between these two types…

Smokeless Coal

  • Smokeless coal burns much hotter and far brighter, which means that it can be very good for campfires.
  • Smokeless coal is much cleaner as it is processed and therefore most of the methane, sulphur and tar is driven off the product and not released into the atmosphere as a by-product.
  • It tends to be the same price as regular coal.
  • As the name suggests, smokeless coal does not let off as much smoke, if not, any smoke when it is burned is said to be much harder to set alight and keep burning.

House Coal

  • This type of coal tends to be much cheaper than the smokeless alternative.
  • Regular house coal is a natural creation formed over millions of years due to a process called coalification. This means that when it is burned, many harmful by-products can be released into the atmosphere and must be safely removed.
  • House coal is much easier to light and does not struggle to stay burning.

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