We all dream of one day having our own home. Sitting around our living room on big comfortable sofas. Just picture it. We bet you’re also imagining this scene with a roaring open fire – were we right?

What is it about a real fire that makes us all romance about having one in our homes; is it the crackling logs? The flickering flames? Maybe it’s hardwired into our DNA from prehistoric times, where fire meant warmth, comfort and safety.

Open Fire or Stove?

If you’re one of the lucky ones that already has an open fire in their home, then embrace it. There’s no better sound than a real fire, and they are great at warming up your home quickly. Open fires also use multiple fuels; mixtures of logs and coal create the quickest lighting, and longest lasting fire. Including coal means it burns hotter – ideal for the winter when it gets very chilly. It’s a cheaper option to get an open fire going than installing a stove, just remember to have your chimney swept regularly, invest in a grate and some appropriate fireside accessories.

If you have an existing fireplace you can have a stove installed. You can also have one installed into the corner of a room for a more modern feel. Having a stove installed can be pricey, initially. You will need to have a flue liner installed which can cost as much as the stove itself, so be sure to take your budget into account if you’re thinking of having one installed.

Open fires can be a bit messy, and dangerous if you have young children. This is where a stove is a much better choice. They are easy to clean, and don’t spill ash and dust around your living space. Also, the fire is contained.

Stoves are more of a design statement, whereas an open fire gives a more rustic feel, so decide on the aesthetic you want before deciding.

With your options in hand, you can weigh up the pros and cons before committing to your new fire.

Once you have your new fire, make sure you source your coal from reliable sources. Pearson fuels coal merchants in Stockport provide the best quality smokeless coal and firewood, as well as accessories and kindling.