For those debating whether to install a fireplace in their home, the most common question they have to ask themselves is which type of fuel they want to burn.

With a multi-fuel stove that problem is solved. These stove types allow you to burn a number of different fuel types in the same fireplace without the need for any changes or alterations in-between burns.

And that isn’t the only positive of having a multi-fuel stove installed, they also have a whole host of other benefits:

  1. Disaster Proof

If you should ever experience a power cut, your multi-fuel stove will still be able to create a toasty fire to keep you and your family warm until the heating can come back on.

  1. Fuel Choice

You can burn a variety of different fuels in your stove to suit your needs and preferences. Logs, smokeless coal and eco-friendly solid fuels all vary in price at different times, so you don’t have to be dependent on the price of a power company.

  1. Efficient

Solid fuels burn at a very high temperature and for a very long time making them one of the most efficient ways of heating our home. A living room fireplace can heat the rooms surrounding and those above your living room too.

  1. Condensation

Solid fuel heating can significantly reduce the amount of condensation which can cause damp and mould in our homes.

  1. Ventilation

Chimneys constantly pull fresh air through the house, removing any polluted air.

  1. Rising Energy Costs

Energy companies can charge whatever they like to supply energy to your home whilst fuel companies strive to keep costs low and as fair as possible.

  1. Smokeless Zone Safe

There are a variety of smokeless coals and other fuels you can use so you can still have a roaring fire in smoke control areas.

  1. Off the grid

If you live in rural areas it can be difficult to access a gas main line. Multi-fuel stoves provide a great alternative that cuts out the hassle of getting your home connected.