Here at Pearson Fuels, we want to ensure that our readers understand the different types of coals that are available on the market and how they produce a different fire output when they are burned. After all, bituminous coal may be the most popular choice when it comes to house fuel, however, anthracite is making a bid for the crown. Read on as we go over some of the benefits of burning this glossy coal…

What is anthracite?

Coal is made as dead plant material is subjected to millions of years’ worth of pressure and heat deep within the earth and the material becomes much more compact the longer these conditions continue. In fact, anthracite is the hardest variety of coal on the market and is known for its incredibly high carbon content, very few impurities or volatile materials and dark black colour.

Is anthracite a cost-effective fuel choice?

Burning anthracite produces a very hot and consistent flame which means that many homeowners find it an economically beneficial investment. In fact, it is such an efficient fuel choice that households often find that they need to burn less in order to generate the same results as alternatives like bituminous coal or firewood.

How environmentally friendly is anthracite?

As the oldest variation of coal, anthracite is known for its high carbon content which makes it an extremely effective fuel choice as this means that it is made up of fewer volatile components. In fact, it is also known as a smokeless coal because it doesn’t produce any smoke or odour when it is burned which means that there is little damage inflicted on the environment.

With so much variety available on the market, it is easy to confuse first-time buyers who aren’t sure which type of coal is the most suitable for their burning requirements. After all, bituminous coal may be the nation’s favourite choice, but anthracite is the perfect smokeless alternative for homeowners who live in Smoke Control Zones where appliances and the fuels burned in them are heavily controlled. To find out more information about burning anthracite, get in contact with the best coal merchants on the market and speak to member of the Pearson Fuels team today!