Although the use of coal can be traced back thousands of years, it wasn’t until the 19th century when the industrial revolution really paved the way for this fossil fuel. In fact, the economy has benefited greatly from the use of coal and whilst it was primarily used in factories, the eventual introduction into residential homes is something that many homeowners still carry out today. Read on as we go over a few benefits of using house coal…

Heat Efficiency

House coal is a term that typically refers to bituminous coal, a variation of the fossil fuel which has an incredibly high carbon content. As a result, it burns at hot temperatures and generates incredibly heat-efficient fires without forcing homeowners to dig deep into their pockets. In fact, experts suggest that burning house coals is far superior in comparison to firewood alternatives.


Due to the incredible heat efficiency of bituminous coals, many homeowners find that they do not have to burn as much fuel as they may have been doing in the past in order to generate the same results. After all, the average homeowner tends to burn 25% more firewood in order to create a fire that is as efficient as house coal and this means that people actually save money in the long run by burning bituminous coals.


Despite the poor reputation of burning fossil fuels like coal, the reality is that small scale use such as that of residential homeowners is far less damaging in comparisons to the large-scale use of power grids. In addition to this, coal is a natural product that can be found in the ground which means that it is possible to find a range of different types, which each have a variety of properties depending on where in the world they were mined.

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