As one of the most efficient sources of power, the fossil fuel known as coal has played a key role in power production ever since the industrial revolution. In fact, some sources say that China was using it almost 3,000 years before it was implemented in the UK. With statistics suggesting that around 40% of the worlds global power comes from burning coal, the team here at Pearson Fuels have decided to look into some of the biggest producers in the world. Read on as we go over the top five…

  1. China

As the world’s biggest producer of coal, China is also the worlds biggest consumer. In fact, statistics suggest show that over 70% of the energy in the country is derived from coal power. It obtained this title from the USA in the early 2000’s and many think it is due to the fact that the country has the highest population in the world. With this said, China is also the largest producer of renewable energy too!

  1. India

In second place is the Southern Asian country of India, which produces over 500 million tonnes every year. Shockingly, India still has to import large quantities of the fossil fuel, even with such large production levels, due to increased demand.

  1. USA

Once sitting in the top spot, America is now the third biggest producer of coal and can be mined in 25 states. Interestingly, the USA only relies on coal power for around 30% of its electricity production, with the remaining power coming from renewable alternatives.

  1. Australia

Down Under is known as the world’s fourth biggest producer of coal, however half of it is exported across the globe to other countries. Interestingly, each Australian state has its own set of laws that control the production and mining of coal.

  1. Indonesia

Ever since the very first coal mines in Indonesia opened in the early 20th century, coal production in the country has increased steadily year by year, earning it the title of fifth biggest producer across the globe. As an economical benefit, it is likely that money motivated the increasing production statistics.

At the current rate of consumption, experts predict that we have enough coal reserves to last another two centuries. Here at Pearson Fuels, we have a wide range of bituminous house coals and smokeless alternatives in order to deliver the picture-perfect aesthetic winter fire you see on the big screen! To find out more information, get in contact with the best coal merchants around and speak to a member of the team today!