Although coal mines aren’t as active as they were many years ago, statistics suggest that there are still as many as 26 collieries in operation as of 2019. After all, the economy benefits from coal mining greatly and the industry is actually responsible for the creation of many jobs. With this said, there are many dangers associated with the role and in this blog, the team here at Pearson Fuels have decided to go through them…

Health Hazards

Whilst the majority of underground mines have been closed in the UK; the problems associated with the industry still linger for many miners. In fact, it is not uncommon for retired miners to have long lasting respiratory effects as a result of breathing in harmful levels of particles and other debris. In addition to this, coal mining sites also tend to be very noisy which means that most miners suffer from some degree of hearing loss over the course of their career.


Many coal mines are held in place by supports that are built as the mines are excavated which means that they lack structural support. As a result, the miners are at continuous risk of a collapse and this can be further exacerbated by natural disasters like earthquakes or flooding. In addition to this, surface mines also tend to have very steep edges and it comes as no surprise that the leading cause of mine accidents is falling related.

Fire Risk

The majority of mines are lit using temporary lighting and whilst the system is relatively safe, it poses as a fire risk should workers fail to stick to safety regulations. After all, these lamps can be extremely flammable which means that it is imperative that workers do not smoke within the mining area. With this said, a fallen lamp or poorly powered system can also present a fire risk which is why it is important to abide by safety rules at all times.

When it comes to coal, the team here at Pearson Fuels are the experts you want on your side. With this said, we believe that it is important to understand how the fuel makes its way from deep within the earth to our living room stoves. After all, coal mining is a very dangerous industry and 27 lives were claimed in 2018 as a result. To find out more information about the coal we source, get in contact with the best coal merchants on the market and speak to a member of the Pearson Fuels team today!