Here at Pearson Fuels, we work hard in order to ensure that every single client is able to burn a cost-effective and efficient fire. With this said, it is becoming more apparent that the majority of people do not know the difference between the different types of firewood that are available on the market and how each one will affect your fire output. Read on as we go over everything you need to know…


Burning wood from an oak tree can be done relatively easily; however, the density of the wood can make it a very slow burner. With this said, the fire output is often incredibly hot, which makes it an efficient choice of fuel and research has shown that oak firewood tends to season over a 12-month period.


Similarly to oak firewood, maple tree firewood burns at a hot temperature and gives out a very efficient energy output as a result. In fact, it takes around a year to season too. With this said, the logs can be difficult to split into even sizes, which is the secret to an efficient fire.


The wood from a cherry tree burns at a medium heat which means that it doesn’t get as hot as oak or maple firewood. With this said, it gives off a sweet aroma as it is burned which can add to the aesthetics of an authentic woodburning fire. In addition to this, cherry firewood doesn’t give off a lot of smoke.


Known for being a good fire starter, birch firewood will burn incredibly quickly and create a very hot, bright flame. Whilst this doesn’t make it the most efficient output, birch firewood can be mixed with slower kiln-dried logs in order to increase its efficiency rating.


With a high sap content, pine firewood is not recommended as a source of primary fuel. After all, this sap can make it very difficult to season and this means that the firewood is very difficult to burn. In fact, many say that burning pine wood is messy because the high resin contents can cause sticky deposits in the flue lining.

Although we are known for our skills as coal merchants, the team here at Pearson Fuels are also equipped to deal with all your woes and worries regarding firewood too! In fact, we have a wide range of kiln-dried logs and imported firewood for those looking to achieve the aesthetic ‘Wow factor’ that a real woodburning fire can bring. Get in contact and speak to a member of the team to find out more information today!