Fireplaces have moved away from simply being a functional piece of home heating to being a visual design piece that blends with the rest of our home and even adds to our home’s aesthetic.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular design trends to see how people are making a statement with their fireplaces:

TV or Art Directly Above The Fireplace

2017’s most popular installation request was to have a TV or art piece placed directly above their modern gas fireplace. In the past this type of installation required the inclusion of protective heat barriers, safety clearances and noisy venting fans to prevent damage. Today’s Cool Touch Wall Technology means that you can now hang anything above your fireplace.


As TV’s are getting larger and lighter each year, having yours hung above your fireplace can create an unbalanced perspective over a small fireplace. To correct this, you can either opt for a larger fireplace or a smaller TV; Larger fireplaces may fit your budget but not your home and having a fireplace too big for a room will produce too much heat to bare. The best solution is to shift focus back from your television to your fireplace with extended view panels.

Extended View Panels

Blended seamlessly with your fireplace the extended viewing panels create visual balance and amplify flames for maximum impact. They sit flush to the wall and are made from reflective black glass so they can easily stretch out the visual perspective of your fireplace so it matches the width of your TV or art work.

Frameless Fireplaces

Many modern designs make use of frameless, clean linear lines and an uninterrupted fire view. You can finish them with any material which is why they are so loved by designers trying to create a unique aesthetic for the living room.

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