For first-time coal users, it can be overwhelming when you receive your first delivery. After all, it is important to store your fuel in a safe location where it cannot be affected by moisture. Luckily, the Pearson Fuels team are here to help! Read on as we go over a few top tips that can help you decide the best way to store your coal both indoors and outdoors…


Coal Bunker: These days a coal bunker can fit in a garden without affecting the aesthetics of your exterior. In fact, they are the easiest way to store your coal because they are designed for that specific purpose, meaning that your coal is very unlikely to be affected by moisture damage.

Dustbin: If you are looking for a more cost effective storage solution, an old dustbin is another great way you can store your coal outdoors. After all, they are large in size which means that you will have a lot of available space and they are also less conspicuous than a coal bunker which means that you won’t have to worry about people stealing your coal supply.


Bucket: If you don’t have the outdoor space or prefer the convenience of indoor storage then a coal scuttle or bucket could be the best storage solution for your requirements. After all, they are a secure alternative and whilst they don’t offer as much space as a bunker, they will certainly keep your coal protected from moisture damage.

Basement: Many homes come with a basement and these areas can be the perfect place to store your coal indoors. In fact, they are often large enough to comfortably fit a coal bunker indoors if you prefer to dispose of the bags. With this said, it is perfectly safe to store coal in a basement inside the bags, which is a cheap and convenient solution to coal storage.

Here at Pearson Fuels, we know how important it is to keep your coal dry and that is why we recommend that you invest in a coal bunker. In fact, we stock a 250kg metal coal bunker that is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use! To find out more information about our range of products, get in contact with the best coal merchants around and speak to a member of the team today!