Here at Pearson Fuels, we don’t just specialise in coal and logs. We excel in customer service and getting the products to you at your convenience. We also sell other accessories to do with fuel and your fireplace, including accessories for the side of your fireplace and bunkers. You could say that we’re mad about coal and fuel, but we’d like to use the word passionate. Years ago, it was a lot harder to get good quality ovals for your home fires, and many using their chimneys were not able to access some of the great quality fuels that we sell here at Pearson Fuels. Of course, the game changed when we entered! With countless years of experience and deliveries, Pearson Fuels are seasoned, tried and tested suppliers with a reliable service.

You can’t ask more than that! Not only are our ovals and logs great quality but they’re also affordable for everyone. If your chimney hasn’t been used before, we also offer a chimney sweeping service from our partner, Pearson Sweep. There’s no need to sit around and wish you had the warmth of your fire on. Just give us a call and we can professionally clean your house, and deliver some fuel whilst we’re at it! Smokeless coal, anthracite or kiln-dried logs, it doesn’t matter. We’ve got the best around, and it works great.

If you’ve been heating your house using traditional methods for a long time, we needn’t lecture you, but if you’re a new homeowner, or perhaps one that hasn’t looked into using their chimney yet, Pearson Fuels are the company to talk to! We offer the best smokeless coal and other types of smokeless fuels that will fuel your home with a lovely warmth from your fireplace. Not only do we sell fuel, but also accessories and bunkers to store your coal so it stays dry throughout the year. Visit us, contact us by phone or visit the online shop on our site. We hope to hear from you!