America has been in the news on many occasions since Donald Trump managed to win the 2016 Presidential Election, however it usually isn’t the result of a positivity. Climate change is an issue that we as a population must be dedicated to tackling together, but the 45th President of the United States seems to have other ideas as he made headlines on June 1st 2017 after withdrawing from the accord.

Here at Pearson Fuels, we know that there are many contributing factors towards global warming with the use of coal in abundance being one of them. The team are here to bring you the lowdown on the Paris Climate Accord and discuss what Trump’s withdrawal could mean for the coal miners of America…

The Paris Climate Acord was negotiated by 196 representatives and adopted in December of 2015 when Barack Obama was still serving as 44th President of the United States. The aim of the accord is to ensure that every country plans and reports its contributions to global warming in an effort to prevent increases.

Unfortunately, the decision to withdraw from the accord sends a very negative message to the world from America and simply suggests that the most powerful country in the world will not take responsibility for the damages that it has inflicted by contributing to global warming. In fact, it is likely that the decision will have consequences for the US such as straining political relationships, uncertainty regarding mining jobs and even economical effects.

The team here at Pearson Fuels are dedicated to ensuring that the planet we all live on is protected which is why we also supply an exciting range of smokeless coals! These fuels have been designed with the environment in mind in order to help limit the amount of gases that are being pumped into the atmosphere. Although Americas’ future on tackling global warming hangs in the balance, the UK are already preparing! For more information on our range of smokeless coal, get in contact with a member of the team today!