We all know and recognise coal as that little black fossil fuel that can provide a roaring fire during winter time however very few people are aware of the other places that coal creeps up in. From the food we eat to industrial materials, there are actually a range of weird and wonderful places that you can spot this funny little rock. Here are a few…

Bowling Balls

When coal is burned something known as coal ash is created. In fact this can then be subcategorised into three more types called boiler slag, fly ash and bottom ash. The fly ash is very adaptable and can be used to create concrete cement, the handles of tools and even bowling balls! On the other hand the first category, boiler slag, is a form of liquified ash that builds up at the bottom of furnaces and once saturated with water creates a crystallized pellets that’s can be used to make roofs.


When we say medicine we aren’t talking about you antibiotics or thyroid medication, we’re referring to lotions and soaps that are used to treat things like eczema and mild psoriasis. In order to create coal gas or coke, the coal has to undergo a carbonisation process which forms a tar with a gooey texture. Using this tar product in the above products has proven to ease the symptoms of many skin conditions.

Fizzy Drinks

When you see a food or drink that has an artificial yellow or orange colour it tends to contain a derivative product of coal that is known as tartrazine. In fact, it is this that gives the product its appealing texture and taste and it is all thanks to something called a coal feeder. Without this product providing coal to processing plants, we would be consuming a lot of bland tasting and dull coloured food!

Whilst we do not supply any of these products here at Pearson Fuels, we do have an exciting range of the fossil fuel perfect for its original use; fires! From the house variety to the eco-friendly smokeless variety; we have a product for everybody! To find out more information get in contact with the best coal merchants around today!