When we think about burning firewood, whether it is in our home stoves or a woodland campfire, the biggest danger is always the fire itself, however, fire isn’t the only risk that is posed when we use imported firewood.

Whenever you buy firewood, wherever it is from, you need to make sure that it is fully certified. If you don’t, you may be helping fuel the industry of illegal firewood. In 2005 UK firewood was found to contain large amounts of wood from protected trees all across Europe: and this wasn’t the only problem.

Importing firewood is a tricky business as all logs need to be checked to make sure they are not carrying any insects, fungi or diseases which can wreak havoc on indigenous trees and wildlife. Invasive species have been transported around the world in the past through imported goods and have caused uncountable amounts of damage to both fauna and flora.

The Dangers

Whilst the UK has become much more stringent on checks for imported firewood, it is important that customers check that what they are buying is fully certified just in case. As the UK is unable to produce enough firewood to sustain itself, it relies heavily on importing firewood from across Europe and further afield. And don’t think that just because the wood is for burning that it won’t matter if the tree was carrying a disease or any insects; these diseases can spread by simply being stored in a wood shed and it doesn’t take long for any insects to jump ship and escape into the British countryside.

Always ask your coal merchant about any firewood you buy so you are sure that the wood has been sustainably harvested by a licensed company. Here at Pearson Fuels, we make sure that all our imported firewood is sustainable and certified because not only does it help protect the environment, it is also to ensure the wood is of a superior quality.