It’s always good to plan ahead. With the weather becoming balmier by the day you’re not going to be thinking much about your home fireplace. You might have thought through the winter months that you are definitely going to install a fireplace for next winter, but again, you leave it until the weather turns frosty before thinking of making the purchase.

Why Summer?

It is these summer months that are best for purchasing a new fireplace; most fireplace installers will be less busy through the hotter seasons, meaning they will have plenty of time to aid you in choosing and installing your new fireplace. When winter hits, people all over the country will be scrambling to have a fireplace installed, or checked, and companies will have a lot of customers to deal with. To ensure that every customer gets equal service, you may end up waiting a long time before engineers or other staff can get to you.

If you already have a fireplace, it can be easy to neglect it through summer when it isn’t being used. Failing to get it regularly checked and maintained can cause it to become filled with dust and other detritus that will cause problems when you light it again in the winter.

Special Offers

During winter, fireplace stocks fall low due to high demand. In summer, when demand is low, there will be special offers on ex-display items as well as discounted prices.

Businesses want to keep providing products and services during these quieter months and will be willing to do it much cheaper than when business is booming.

Having a fireplace installed in the summer means it might not see action for a few months. However, the savings will make the process worth it when winter arrives, and your new fireplace is ready to go. The money you save can even go towards stocking up on firewood and smokeless coal to keep you warm throughout the winter.