Coal is mined from the earth as a fossil fuel and requires an extensive knowledge on the terminology surrounding the job. In fact, did you know that coal mining is a practice which goes back thousands of years? This means that the terminology which is used will have adapted continuously to become the modern glossary that is used today within the mining industry.

Here is a condensed A-Z glossary of the most important mining terms…

An Air Shaft is when a vertical opening is created in a mine for air to pass through.

A Bed is a separate layer of coal or other material, for example coal, rock or shale.

Coal Ash is the easily flammable material which is found in coal.

Deadwork is a term which describes the work that a miner is not paid for.

An Examiner is an official person who inspects areas of mines looking for harmful gases or hazards.

A Fissure is a separation of coal across a seam.

A Gob is a void which comes about after the evacuation of coal and the roof has fallen in.

A Hoist is an engine with a drum and rope which hauls items.

Intake is a level carrying air to the coals face area. The intake for one single coal face may be the return for another.

A Lamp is a part of apparatus which is carried by miners to give light.

A Manway is a passage in or out of the mine used by miners as a footpath.

An Operator of a mine is the people who controls the machines.

A Pillar in a mine is a column left unmined in order to support the roof.

To Rob is the act of mining coal from the pillars.

A Shot is the explosive charge in a coal face.

A Trackman is an individual worker who ensure tracks are repaired in the mines.

Ultimate Analysis is the practice of determining the percentage of chemical elements present during combustion.

Volatile Matter is the substances found in coal which are given of as a gas during combustion.

Workings is the whole or part evacuation of a mine.

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