Home fireplaces are the perfect addition to our homes in winter and to our gardens in the summer evenings where we can sit around them and enjoy time together with family. Lit fires do pose a danger, however, when it comes to having animals.

Our pets love to lay around the fire too, but owners need to be careful in order to avoid any accidents from happening:


Always teach your pets the boundaries when approaching a lit fire. Most dogs and cats tend to know by instinct not to go too close to fire but curiosity can sometimes get the better of them.

Don’t Play Near Fire

Whilst your animal may know not to go near the fire, sometimes they can inadvertently get too close; wagging tails, long fur, and sensitive paws can all accidentally get caught by the fire if they are playing too close to it. If you are playing with your pets, make sure you do it well away from the fire.


A great preventative measure for your indoor fireplace is to set up a gate to protect animals, as well as children, from getting too close to your fire. Avoid anything made of glass as animals tend to interact with things they can see their reflections in.

Keep an eye out

Pets can be quick; they can steal food in the blink of an eye and take off with an unattended slipper faster than you can think, so when a fireplace is in use, either indoors or outdoors, make sure you know where your pet is at all times.

It only takes a second for a pet to get too close to the flames. If you have to leave the fire unattended for any time, take the pet with you rather than leave them by themselves.

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