If you often buy smokeless fuels, then you have probably noticed the sheer amount of size options available across different stores. Does the size of the briquette have such a dramatic effect on the performance of the fire, or is it simply a marketing scheme to make it seem as though there is more choice?

In actual fact, the size of the briquettes you burn actually make a huge difference to the resulting fire. Larger briquettes not only give a more authentic look to your fire – if aesthetics are important to you – they also allow for better air flow in your fire thanks to the larger gaps between the briquettes. With increased airflow you will notice larger and better flames in your stove.

If you have an open fire or a glass fronted stove then large briquettes are your best option. They will create a more balanced heat output and will create more of a picturesque fire in your grate.

Small briquettes sacrifice the visual appeal in place of a higher heat output and a much longer fire life. Their small size is deceiving as they are more densely packed into a tighter firebed, restricting airflow so that they burn with a much more intense glow, radiating heat for up to 18 hours.

If you have a closed appliance where a visual fire isn’t necessary, then smaller briquettes are your best option for a more economical heat output.

Mid-sized briquettes are the perfect compromise between visual appearance and the extended fire life that strikes between smaller and large briquettes. These are the recommended smokeless fuel for all appliance types as well as open fires as they provide a great visual flame, yet they are economical with their heat output and burn time.