For those with an indoor coal burning fire it can be difficult to find ways to store your coal that avoids making a mess of your house.

Luckily there are a number of solutions for storing your coal, both indoors and outdoors. There are even ways of storing in small spaces if you don’t have much to spare.

Here we are going to take a look at some of the best ways of storing your coal:


Most people prefer to store their coal outside, especially if they have a large supply. Coal can produce a lot of mess and storing outside is the best way to avoid a lot of that mess spreading around the house.

  • Coal bunker: Coal bunkers can be placed around the back or sides of your home. Thanks to modern designs, their appearance won’t ruin the serenity of your garden. Bunkers provide the easiest storage option, constructed from hardy plastics or galvanised steel, they’re easy to assemble, hard wearing, and have a large capacity.
  • Dustbin: Old dustbins or even wheelie bins can be repurposed as a cheap and simple solution to coal storage. If you are using a plastic bin, you can even cut a hole in the bottom of the bin to let the coal flow through, making it easier to collect for your fire.
  • Piles: If you have the space or don’t want to splash out on a bunker or bin, then you can simply pile your coal outside. It isn’t the most attractive option, and it is recommended that you don’t pile the coal any higher than an average person to avoid any collapses.


For those with little room outdoors, coal must be kept inside the home. Even those with outdoor storage will find it easier to keep a smaller store inside the house, this way you don’t have to keep running outside in the cold to top up the fire.

  • Scuttle or Bucket: These provide an easy and attractive way of storing small amounts of coal near your fireplace. Most are designed to be able to tip the coal directly onto the fire to save you getting dirty fingers.
  • Chest or Basket: Keep your coal out if sight with one of these. They allow for more capacity than a scuttle and can be painted to suit your living room.
  • Basement or cellar: If you have the space then make use of it. Cellars are a great way to store coal out of sight whilst remaining easily accessible.
  • Plastic tubs: If you’re on a budget, hardy plastic tubs can be used to store a small amount of coal.

With your smokeless coal stored away you are ready for even the coldest winter.