Pearson Fuels is a family run business and a leading provider of smokeless coal, proudly delivering fuel to homes and businesses across Manchester and Cheshire.

The root of our pride is in our smokeless coal products, which are significantly kinder to the environment than ordinary house coal. Our smokeless coal fuel is fully compliant with areas that prohibit the use of normal smoke producing house coals, meaning that you can enjoy the glow of a warm fire whenever and wherever you want.

Another advantage of using smokeless fuel is that they are easy to use and up to a third more heat is obtained than when burning the same weight of ordinary house coal. It burns slowly and contains a higher heat output than some house coals, making it a more efficient fuel.

With the recent snow, hail and rain in and around the Northwest, we know that you will want nothing more than to snuggle down in front of your house fire and enjoy the experience of our top quality smokeless coal and premium standard fuels.

Our extensive selection of house coal, smokeless coal and kiln dried logs are second to none but our service to you does not stop there. We also stock fireside accessories such as log baskets, buckets, shovels and firelighters and have the facility to deliver your logs and kindling in bulk, by the bag or by the vanload. So, whatever your requirements, Pearson Fuels will not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

All of our products, including our smokeless coal and kiln dried logs are available to view on our website so have a browse, give us a call and see how we can meet your smokeless coal needs today.