Despite lying beneath the earth’s surface for millions of years, we only started to use coal to its full potential during the industrial revolution. After all, this is when we realised the range of different ways it can benefit our day to day lives, not just in terms of generating electrical power but also in terms of small fireplace fires too. Read on as we go over a few advantages of coal…


When compared side by side with other power generating fuels, coal is by far the most reliable. After all, natural fuels like solar power and wind turbines rely on something that occurs naturally, such as the sun and wind, which means that it isn’t as dependable and predictable as coal power.


Experts predict that we have enough coal reserves to last another 150 years at the current rate of consumption and whilst this doesn’t sound like very long, it means that we have an abundance of coal available for smaller tasks like stove fires. After all, this figure is estimated with industrial use in mind.

Easy Storage

Compared to firewood, coal is incredibly easy and versatile to store as homeowners can choose between indoor or outdoor storage and a range of different appliances like coal bunkers, buckets and bags in order to suit their preferences. On the other hand, firewood must be seasoned outdoors for 6-12 months before use.

Fire Efficiency

Due to its high carbon content, house coal, which is also known as bituminous coal, burns at a steady rate and temperature without requiring much intervention or restocking. This makes it an incredibly efficient fuel type in comparison to firewood.

Smokeless Alternatives

For those that live in smoke control areas or simply want to help the environment, there are also smokeless coal alternatives on the market too. From natural anthracite to man-made coals, being green has never been easier.

When it comes to coal, the versatility of its uses and the range of benefits it offers can be enough to sway any committed firewood user. After all, it is convenient, simple and affordable! Here at Pearson Fuels, we have a variety of coals including traditional bituminous coal and eco-friendly smokeless alternatives. To find out more information, get in contact with the best coal merchants around today!