Our focus here at Pearson Fuels seems to be on our range of different coals and we think that it is time that we shed some light on the other products that we sell too. After all, not everybody uses coal as a source of fuel! Here is the lowdown on firewood…

Background Information

A very obscure fact about firewood is that the heat that is created is actually the energy of the sun itself, which is the ultimate source of all energy on the planet. During photosynthesis, trees store solar energy as a form of chemical energy which we then use for heat when burning the firewood. In a logical sense, burning wood is technically reversing the process of photosynthesis- however, unlike burning fossil fuels, no harmful gases are produced or released into the environment.

Seasoned Wood

Every single piece of firewood contains water. In fact, the statistics show that freshly cut wood will contain around 45% water whilst seasoned firewood has a moisture contents of 20-25%. Seasoning firewood means that it is easier to set alight, produces more heat and burns much cleaner.

Storing Firewood

Unfortunately, even well-seasoned firewood can be spoiled by incorrect or lousy storage. If your firewood is constantly exposed to rain or snow, it will keep absorbing water. This means it will either be unfit to burn or rot before it is able to be used. All firewood should be stored as far off the ground as possible and kept away from moisture.

If coal isn’t really your forte when it comes to fire fuels, check out our range of imported firewood! Where we source our imported firewood from is very close to our hearts and due to our interest in green growth, we have our firewood imported from Latvia. As the best of the best when it comes to smokeless coal, get in contact today to find out more about our firewood!