November is well underway and the weather has dropped to incredibly chilly climates, meaning that we’re approaching that time of year when all we want to do is put on a pair of thermals, grab a brew and cosy up in our living room. The thought of venturing outside isn’t a particularly appealing one as we brace ourselves for the colder months of the year, and so it’s time to ask yourself one very important question: is it time to buy yourself a fireplace?

Let’s get one thing straight- it doesn’t get much worse than having to come home to a house or flat that is freezing cold. It’s not long until your fingers and toes are starting to go numb, and it’s never a good sign if you can see your own breath streaming out in front of you. Well, installing a top quality driveway comes with a whole host of benefits, and we’re here at Pearson Fuels to run you through some of the big ones, so that you know what you have to do to keep yourself warm this winter.

  • Price

It’s never an enjoyable time of year to receive your energy bill. If you’ve been firing up your central heating every night for the past month, you’ll find yourself opening that letter from the energy company with a distinguishable wince across your face. It’s no secret that powering up your radiators can be very expensive, and it costs a lot less to buy some quality kiln dried logs. By installing a fireplace, you’ll be ensuring that you’re making a substantial saving in the long-run.

  • Snug As A Bug

Whenever you think of a traditional winter evening at home, your mind will automatically turn to thoughts of dim candles, thick jumpers and a crackling fireplace, as you and the rest of the family all cosy up around the warmth of the flames and wait for Christmas to finally arrive. Well, you aren’t able to have that perfect winter scene without a fireplace, and you’ll find nowhere better to snuggle down to read a book, watch a film or to set a romantic mood.

  • The Environment

It seems that every media outlet in the world is telling us how we need to start caring for the environment before we ruin our own planet, and our minds will immediately turn to thoughts of recycling and trying not to drive everywhere. However, installing a fireplace is also an incredibly effective way of doing your bit to help the environment. Being eco-friendly is incredibly important, and using a fireplace means that your use of fossil fuels will be kept to a minimum, therefore reducing your carbon footprint.

Here at Pearson Fuels, we are the best coal merchants you’ll be able to find to kit out your fireplace, and we also provide a wide range of accessories and kiln dried logs! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like any further information on the products that we provide.